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The page is just a reference to what has been added or amended recently to this site, and some background information as to its origins. If by any chance you'd like to know when a significant change is made, or new page added to this web site, please send an email indicating any particular interest, to the address given at the bottom of the page. Confidentiality respected.

What's New or recent
November 2015 - new page Kate's Wedding. Many new images over 12 months to  Ewelme Observatory.
December 2014 - new page Christopher's Birthday. Major additions/pictures to Ewelme Observatory. Update of children's photos. Update to Christmas Cards.
May 2014 - Archive of articles written for Ewelme News added.
January 2014 - Updates to 3G and 4G/FTTC pages re arrival of fibre broadband to Ewelme.
October 2013 - Additional new paragraphs about WiFi and 3G aerials added to  3G page.
July 2013 - Extensive updates to 3G and 4G pages on arrival of 'Ultrafast' broadband in Ewelme.
March 2013 - Major update to 4G v Fibre following further reported delays for fibre optic broadband in Ewelme.
January 2013 - Updates to  3G Wireless Broadband in Ewelme, after expressions of interest from other locations in Oxfordshire.
December 2012 - Added text and sound of letter to Benson Bulletin to 3G Wireless Broadband in Ewelme
November 2012 - First Observatory photo and video of Jupiter
October 2012 - Update of Grandchildren 'welcome' pages, prompted by the birth of little Georgia.
Sept 2012 - added 5 day weather forecast to  Ewelme Weather page
September 2012 - News of the 2012 Open skittles championship.
Aug 2012 - added  in page Speed Tester and sound file streaming for Radio Oxford interviews about Ewelme Broadband, in  3G Mobile Broadband
July 2012 - additional Q&A to Beginner's Guide to Broadband
July 2012 - extensive update to 3G Mobile Broadband following further reported delays for fibre optic broadband in Ewelme.
July 2012 - results 4th Qtr  and first year of Solar Power
July 2012 - additions to  4G v. Cable to include 2 year log of wireless broadband speeds from Ewelme.
April 2012 - results 3rd Qtr of Solar Power
March 2012 - more updates to 4G v. Cable regarding new equipment and timescales.
February 2012 - another chapter in the family history 'blog'
February 2012 - updates and additional speed tests to the 4G versus cable page.
January 2012 - results 2nd Qtr of Solar Power
December 2011- New page. An illustrative history of our Christmas cards.
October 2011 - New page about testing 4G and cable broadband
October 2011 - Results of 1st Qtr of Solar power
September 2011 - News of the 2011 Open skittles championship.
September 2011 - Updates to the Red Kite page.
July 2011 - New page about adopting solar power.
July 2011 - Update of Jazz page to include videos of kazoo jazz in Denmark.
June 2011- Broadband. TV and radio interviews to play.
February 2011 - ongoing updates to page on 3G Mobile Broadband

No, I'm not Lord of the Manor. (We have our own Lord Jay-of-Ewelme and Lord Nash for that anyway!). But when needing to choose a domain name for this web site package, including email services, from Easynet back in 2002, I was offered rather unmemorable domain names such as or I found that applying for to distinguish this family from another branch in Harpenden Hertfordshire, seemed quite appropriate at the time. Besides, the contents of the site was/is to include aspects of our lives in the picturesque village of Ewelme within which we have lived for over 30 years, as well as information about this family itself. The site was set up to satisfy a technical interest in Internet communication and web site design, since I was working with a Danish industrial control networking company, who were also setting up a company web site, for which I had some involvement in designing its structure and content, until retirement in 2009. See and

The site was initially structured using a design package called 'FrontPage' produced by Microsoft. Although there were more popular web design applications available, I was initially introduced to this by a friend (Adrian Powell) at no cost, before obtaining an official licence  for this and other Microsoft applications. I moved the site over to Plusnet, which seemed to provide a more versatile service, but have recently (2010) moved over to an associated web hosting site called   PAYH or Pay As You Host. Many hosting servers are now not supporting some of the special routines personalized by FrontPage, so the web site had to be restructured to the latest web page standards, and the final 10% is still under restructure (beg. 2012). Microsoft also produced a much better web design suite of application programs in the last couple of years called Expression Web, which rivals the best such web development packages and this is what I currently use in version 3.  

Browser Problems?
The web pages were designed to work primarily with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), and using standard techniques, with all other common browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. However, it has been reported that as far as the Linking buttons at the top of pages, which are supposed to change colour when the mouse rolls over them, this only seems to happen when the mouse is only over the top of the button with some browsers, and  then only in the top row. Steps are being made to correct this, but right now it is not fully understood, and the scrolling bar is the only way to navigate around. Sorry!

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