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Kate's Wedding

On 31st October 2015 (Halloween), Ian Tompkins married Kathryn Hanson (our niece). The Jenkins side of the family had been pre-warned of this for over a year, and when the invitations arrived, we were all very intrigued as to why we would all need to travel up to Wigan (Greater Manchester) to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It was eventually established that the venue had been chosen during visits to watch Wigan play Watford at football. The day also just happened to be the Rugby world cup final!
We decided that it would be necessary to travel up the previous day, and although Kate had generously arranged a wedding nights stay at the wedding oriented hotel, it did not have the disabled facilities required for Margaret. We stayed in a central Premier Inn, which was highly suitable, and was also the accommodation chosen by many of the wedding guests. Kate and Ian provided a convoy of transport for everyone between hotel and the wedding hotel, where the ceremony, breakfast and evening entertainment was held. This enabled everyone to relax and fully enjoy the superb meal provided together with a steady flow of  drinks. Apart from the disco, being enjoyed by young (e.g. Georgia, Jude, Arthur etc) and old alike, a pseudo (luckily) casino was also provided, where the majority of happily gambling guests eventually lost the £2000 funny money provided to everyone.

The following somewhat grainy 'snaps' hopefully provide a memorable impression of an immensely enjoyable family week-end. There were many other snappers depicting lots of other guests during the many stages of the event, which will undoubtedly find their way onto Kate's and others' Facebook pages. We've already forgotten the two way trials and tribulations of the M6 motorway, and repeat our very best wishes and congratulations to Kate and Ian, with thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable week-end.

N.B. The following clickable pictures are designed to be viewed with a browser that supports mouse rollover captions to be seen.