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Family History

This section provides an evolving history of our family, based especially on anecdotes from the current and last generation. It also features some structured genealogical data, which I started some time ago as what I thought would be a good idea for inclusion within a family web site. It basically started with the E H Jenkins Memo (my uncle Peter), which was received as a handwritten copy and then deciphered  and typed up. I used this as a basis for compiling a basic family tree, including my living relatives, which I think is frowned upon by serious genealogists, who tend to only deal with past generations. Anyway, after collecting as much data as possible and using a free genealogical software application program, I was able to publish something accessible from the Internet on my web site. It was not all that long after publication following the marvellous work of the 'web bots', that I was contacted by Elizabeth W Knowlton from the USA to inform me that she thought that we were related! This was mainly because she had been researching for sometime the Winspeare McCarty's from Ireland, as had also been described by my uncle as ancestors. I believe that the middle 'W' also gives away her connection. It did not take me long to recognise that Elizabeth is a highly skilled genealogist, who endeavoured to teach me to do some searches in order to make the suspected links. Whilst I found this highly interesting, I soon found that it could be a rather time consuming exercise, which for a number of reasons, I had to choose between this and other interests and duties. You will see from cousin Elizabeth's web link that the Winspeare McCarty's link has been all but cleared up. All I can hope at this point in time is that some other dedicated researcher is going to come across this site and have the 'Jenkins' side of the family all mapped out as well...or will it be someone from the next generation?

Nicky Craig Memo
Another fortuitous Internet 'hit' on the E H Jenkins memo by Nicky Craig produced an additional distant cousin for my collection!

Judith Birch Memo
Correspondence from another family researcher.

Keith Hatfield Memo
Important genealogical information from another distant cousin.

E A Hanson Memo
Elizabeth Ann Hanson nee Jenkins - my 'middle' sister, five years older, provides an account of hers and my early years.

B M Dixon Memo
Barbara Mary Dixon nee Jenkins - elder sister, ten years older, also describes those early years.

C F Baker Memo
Charles Frederick Baker - Margaret's Father, gives potted history of his life up until move from London to Borehamwood, Herts.

Elizabeth W Knowlton
A link to a serious family genealogist, who made contact following discovery of the E H Jenkins Memo.

A Blog from the Past
Intended to be my memoirs compiled during retirement for the enjoyment or otherwise of my offspring and beyond.

A chart I compiled providing an idea of the genealogical relationship between two individuals.