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Keith Hatfield Memo

This October 2010 correspondence identifies another branch of my 'cousins' tree, grafted by the published existence of the E. H. Jenkins memo.

Hi Chris

It was with great excitement that I came across your blog today whilst researching my family tree. I have spent some time off and on over the years looking into it but drawn a blank until reaching your site. William Winspear McCarty is my Great Great Grandfather on my Mothers side and all I was ever told about him was that he was an artist and had lectured at the Royal College of Art. The children you refer to as Fred, Ron, Norah were my uncles and auntie and Jack was my Father. I need to read your blog again to understand more but wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much.

If you do have any pictures produced by William Winspear my brother (Ray) and I would love to see them. Neither of us has inherited any artistic tendencies but we have often joked about William Winspear (or William "Makepiece" as we call him - after inventor and 1970's presenter "William Makepiece Lung).

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

Keith Hatfield
11a Hillside Avenue

07710 105638

I replied:

Hello Keith

I’m very glad that the entries under ‘Family Matters’ on my evolving web site were of interest in providing you with more information about your family connections. As you say, it would be a good idea for you to look at the ‘memos’ again, since it is Nicky Craig’s that refers to Fred Ron and Norah, not any of those of my closer family. You will also see that Nicky (whom I’ve never met) found the deciphered memo of my Uncle – E H Jenkins, on my web site and made contact with me. She kindly agreed to allow me to  also publish all that she had told me about including certain pictures, and it is to her that you need to refer for queries on additional pictures if they exist. Since you also have given a brief indication of where you stand within the Winspere McCarty tree, perhaps I can also include a ‘tab’ for you too if you care to expand on your email? It seems that people who search for this family name always come across my web site, and I would be happy for that to continue.

My activity on the family tree front has only been one of publishing bits of information when I come across it, and unlike Elizabeth W. Knowlton, have not spent much time (for many reasons) doing much practical genealogy, which you can see if you browse other parts of our web site. However, your email also stimulated a response from another part of the Winspeare McCarty ‘clan’, about which I am also seeking permission to add to the other family anecdotes. Although it is Elizabeth’s comprehensive tree that should be referred for the formal structure, the memos may act as some ‘meat on the bones’ so to speak!

So, distant cousin, I am glad to have made your acquaintance.

Best Wishes


Keith responded:

Dear Chris

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is much appreciated, as is the excellent work done by yourself and Elizabeth. I'll ramble on a bit below and you can edit as you see fit and attach it as a "tab" as you suggest. I'll restrict myself to my Fathers side of the family but my cousin Mavis has done some extensive research on my Mothers side and should this be on interest to anyone, I can put them in touch with her. So, if I pick-up where Nicky left off with Ron, Fred, Norah and Jack.

Ron Hatfield was married to Ivy (?) and lived in River Drive, Upminster for many years and I recall visiting on many occasions. They had two children, Martin and Paul who both emigrated to Canada in the 1970's and we have unfortunately lost touch. I should perhaps say at this point that I am somewhat of an "anomaly" within the family being 20 years younger than my brother (Ray) and most of my cousins. I believe Ron spent most of his working life in banking/insurance but was an excellent piano player and used to play in pubs and groups mostly ragtime and jazz. I never saw him read any music but he would play by ear and at any opportunity. He also had a love of gardening and used to show dahlia's of which I recall him being rightly, very proud. Sadly Ron passed away around 20 years ago.

Norah Hatfield emigrated to South Africa in the 1940's/50's and married "Tom" Thompson. They had two children, Clive and Neil. I only met aunti Norah once, when in her 60's, she came to stay for a week and she was a real character. I recall her being a heavy smoker and a box of wine was strategically positioned on the sideboard for her and her glass seldom empty! She was the life and soul of the party and participated in ballet when young and amateur dramatics when older. Again, I believe she passed away about 15 years ago.

Fred Hatfield. I know very little about uncle Fred other than he married Kit and they had a son Roger. I don't recall ever meeting them, but I know that Ray is in touch with Roger.

Jack Augustus Hatfield 1915-1999. This is "Dad", born in Plumstead and married Gladys May Skinner (Mum) and they had three children Raymond Michael, Susan and Keith (me!). Jack was a very active man and loved sport. He was in engineering (tool maker), for most of his life and he and Mum were evacuated to Keithly in Yorkshire during WWII, where he was a foreman, making replacement parts for aircraft and munitions. After the war they moved to Brampton Road, Bexleyheath, Dad loved singing and used to accompany uncle Ron on the piano, around the local pubs. In later years, he used to travel around the local old folks homes in the area, entertaining the residence - singing and telling jokes. Ray now lives in Swaffham, Norfolk and I live in Hawkwell in Essex. We are both married with children. Sadly, my sister Susan died of a brain tumour age 5. Although physically very frail, my Mum continues in good mental health and will be very excited with the information you, Elizabeth and Nicky have provided.

If anyone would like further or more detailed information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Possibly of more interest to Nicky (if not already aware) - I have come across a very interesting link below, which appears to suggest that someone has traced the family line of Emily Trevillion (wife of William Hatfield) back to the 1100's.

As I wrote to Elizabeth, I will now have to visit Cork just to see where the ancestors "hung out" and acquaint myself better with Irish history, as I have already had a scolding from her about my ignorance....which is fair comment! :o)) 

Thank you all once again. It is great to know you are all out there and if you are ever in the Southend-on-Sea area, please do get in touch. :o)

Best Regards


And some more:

Dear Chris

I need to make an important amendment to my earlier email below. I was unfortunately unaware that Roger Hatfield had in fact passed away in 2004, so apologies for that.

As requested by Elizabeth, I have put some dates below which may be of interest to others:

Frederick William Hatfield - Born approx 1908 in Peckham, London. Died 8 June 1999.

   son: Roger Hatfield - Born 30 May 1942. Died 7 July 2004.

Ronald Dennis Hatfield - Born approx 1910 in Peckham. Died in Essex approx 1994.

   wife: Ivy Errey - Died 19 September 1984.

   sons: Martin and Paul Hatfield (twins) - Born 7 March (approx 1945/46/47).

Norah Hatfield - Born approx 192x. Died 1996 in South Africa. (According to Mum is believed to have been christened "Winspeare")

  sons: Neil Thompson - Born 22 June 1952.

           Clive Thompson - Born 11 August 1955.

Jack Augustus Hatfield - Born 10 December 1915. Died 16 June 1999 in Queen Mary Hospital, Sidcup, Kent. Married Gladys May Skinner on 19 October 1940.

  sons: Raymond Michael Hatfield - Born 19 May 1943 in Keighley, Yorkshire

           Keith Hatfield - Born 26 January 1964 in Barnehurst, Kent

  daughter: Susan Hatfield - Born 30 June 1957 in Barnehurst, Kent. Died 15 November 1962

I attach a few photos that may be of interest.

The family one was taken at Christmas 1951 and is as follows from the left:


Gladys Hatfield (Mum), William Augustus Hatfield, Elizabeth Mary Hatfield (nee McCarty), Ivy (Ron's wife), Norah Hatfield, Ron Hatfield, Jack Hatfield (Dad). The three scamps at the front are Paul Hatfield (Ron's son), Raymond Michael Hatfield (my brother) and Martin Hatfield (Ron's son).

Best Regards


And there's more:

Dear Chris et al.

I attach a scan of the marriage certificate for William Augustus Hatfield and Elizabeth Mary McCarty for those with an interest. It is good to see that Elizabeth's brother (Nicky's Grandfather), Charles Henry McCarty was a witness.

I have to admit to being somewhat amused by the profession noted for my Grandfather of "Traveller". The meaning of the term has clearly changed over the last 100 years! :o))

Best Regards