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Graft v Host

15/02/11 - It is approaching 5 years since Margaret had a bone marrow transplant, donated by her sister Janet. The good news is that her life has probably been extended compared with just the continuation of various treatments for the remission/return cycle of her previous 13 years survival  of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Cancer of the lymphatic system). The bad news is that from an early stage, she has suffered from what is termed GvH or Graph versus Host Disease. In Margaret's case, this has affected most organs of her body in one form or another, including her skin, gut, lungs, eyes, muscles and nerves and other areas. In some ways, this is a preferred outcome from a transplant, which if not experienced at all, could be an indication that the Lymphoma might return later. On the other hand, it seems that Margaret has suffered more than most, but perhaps there are indications that certain parts of the body have or are continuing to recover.

This section of the web site was/is intended to try to describe the various stages of this affliction, and to attempt to convey in a positive way to others considering an offer for a transplant or having already had one, some of the possibilities that could be expected. However, it should be strongly stated that each individual is different, and the contents of this page should not be regarded as what will happen to others in a similar situation. I'm afraid that this page is still under construction at the moment, since as the history is now so long, physical reference needs to be made to Margaret's medical history, which now extents to three heavy volumes! However, the contents will eventually and hopefully reveal that the journey through each of the various stages of GvH, although sometimes tough  for both patient and family, has enabled a certain quality of life to continue to be enjoyed, that in an earlier time may not have been possible.