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Hannah's Wedding

Hannah and Greg have been a item for MANY years, but it would be rather unkind to  define them as just having been 'co-habiting' for most of that time. Having built a life for themselves together in Kennington Oxford, there had been no particular reason to alter the status quo. However in 2010, they decided to confirm their commitment to one another, and got married in Oxford on Saturday 31st July.

This is the story of their special day which, with the aid of this selection of pictures, will hopefully be a reminder of this joyous day for sometime to come.

Apart from a few personal snaps, the majority of the pictures were kindly and professionally taken by Hannah and Greg's now official brother-in-law  - Tom Croft. Thanks for some pictures should also be given to our family friend of three generations - Peter Newton, who looked after Tom's camera while he went punting, and enjoyed using it so much, went and bought one for himself next day! Some early pictures were also kindly donated by Sara Malik.

Hannah also has her own Facebook page, where you can find some additional pictures that have not been included here.

Happy memories!

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