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            Here's the current camera view from where we live.                 Here's an annual archive of views for comparison

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It's automatically updated every few minutes during daylight , so you can see the current weather conditions.
The next snapshot will be shown in ~ seconds.

The site is intended as a means of disseminating information about the Jenkins family, who live and work in the Chiltern village of Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England. Although only Christopher (Chris) and Margaret are actually resident here, information about, and links to, other members of the immediate family (Charlotte and Hannah) are provided. In addition, genealogical data about the wider family connection are also provided, which will hopefully be enhanced as the site evolves.

Furthermore,  since a web site and the Internet in general is such a powerful medium, it provides the opportunity to experiment with various techniques and the means to publish all sorts of associated detail about the local environment, family history, our work, activities and interests.

One of the more dynamic items, is the display of recent and historical data from our local Weather Station, which  is being updated on a daily basis. This shows information about wind speeds and direction, temperatures, rainfall, humidity and changes in barometric pressure. A local 5 day weather forecast is also provided using the data gathered from a few hundred metres from here.

Want to know whether that bright star is actually a planet? Have a look at a gallery of images taken from the Ewelme Observatory.

For an idea of what the village looks like, why not have a look at some views of Ewelme from the Church Tower?

If you want 20Mbs landline/cable broadband, don't come to Ewelme just yet! However, read about perfectly adequate alternatives that have been used here during the past few years, in articles about  4G versus Cable or 3G in Ewelme  and the original Ewelme Wireless Network. On the other hand, if 'broadband' is a bit of a mystery, try Beginner's guide to broadband.

Considering installing solar panels? See page about our experiences

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