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Land Values

The price of land and property in a particular area basically depends on how much someone is prepared to pay, closely linked with the level of demand and availability. Ewelme could be said to be in the fortunate position of  not only being in the sticks so to speak, but also advantageously placed between two major cities (Oxford and Reading) and two motorways (M40 and M4).  See Map.  This coupled with the fact that rail transport is within easy reach (Oxford, Didcot, Cholsey - nearest, and Reading, makes it  not an unreasonable proposition for some to consider commuting into central London, which takes less than an hour. There is a price to pay however, in terms of time and money, but when one considers the increased level of salaries and land prices the nearer to London you go, has tended to push up the price of land and property here and in the Thames Valley generally in recent years. This "bubble" is bound to burst, or at least slowly deflate at some point, but as long as people are prepared to travel further distances to work, interest rates remain low and the economy is stable, there are few other factors which will cause a downturn in the property market.

Below is an idea of the level of prices of various property types in this immediate area (in and around Benson). You can perform the same exercise yourself for your area, by visiting this site and entering your post code.

The price details have been obtained from H.M Land Registry for actual transactions during the stated period. Below shows a price comparison between sections of the wider area that surrounds us. 

The partial post codes represent the areas within and outlying the following places: RG9 is Henley, RG8 is Basildon, OX44 is Chalgrove, OX9 is Thame, OX10 is Benson, OX33 is Forest Hill, OX14 is Drayton, OX4 is Cowley and OX11 is Didcot


July 2012 - 415,000