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Red Kites

Whilst there is an abundance and variety of birds flying over the area, nothing beats the majestic soaring of the Red Kite. This picture provides an insight into its physical ability to control its flight. 

The picture of this Red Kite, gracefully gliding over the hills not far from here, has been reproduced by kind permission of Gerry Whitlow - a local photographer, who has created a site specialising in pictures of Red Kites.

Smaller only to the Golden Eagle, this magnificent raptor (milvus milvus) has a length of 60-66 cm and a wingspan of 145-160 cm. It mainly eats carrion, but also takes small mammals and birds. For a far more expert view, visit the "Red Kites in the Chilterns" web site. 

Here are a few 'snaps' of many I have taken at different times, where I have tried to emulate the above. Even so, they may help to convey the impression that these birds just seem to 'play' all day, just finding thermals within which to soar. I've seen them on the ground occasionally, but the last picture shows what they seem to like doing best. I can see 14. Do you agree?