Jenkins-Of-Ewelme Web Site

Ewelme Technology

This section of the web site contains articles and pictures relating to a number of pursued technological interests. Since most of these are based around our location in Ewelme, may be of interest to both local residents as well as our more remote visitors.

Ewelme Weather
This page displays a high definition weather chart derived from a computerized weather station installed in the garden. It shows up to 28 days of  graphical information relating to aspects of local weather measurements as well as variations of inside temperature and humidity.

Ewelme Solar Power
A description and discussion about the installation of a Solar Power system, generating electricity locally as well as its export to the National Grid.

Ewelme Astronomy
A collection of pages containing pictures and explanations  relating to observations made from the garden 'observatory'. This section is dynamic, in that it will expand as and when new or improved pictures become available.

Ewelme Local Wi-Fi Broadband
An illustrated article about involvement in providing wireless based (Wi-Fi) internet access to more than 12 households in Ewelme.

3G Wireless Broadband in Ewelme
A discussion document about using fixed 'mobile broadband' within the village, with hopefully some helpful advice on how to set up the initial connection.

Beginner's Guide to Broadband
A question and answer guide to what options are available (or not!) in a rural village.

Articles for The Ewelme News
Over a period spanning 4 years, some articles were written about how to use fixed Mobile Broadband (3G) .

4G v Fibre in Ewelme
Readily available broadband by wireless is getting faster and fibre optic cable broadband is on its way. This page discusses the different technologies and ways of measuring the speed of either.

Ewelme Camera
Live WebCam pictures of the current weather and an ability, if the required 'control' is downloaded, to remotely control it's position.

A section about a hobby of collection, renovation and sale of mercury banjo and stick barometers.