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Charlotte's Wedding

2003 was a very exciting year for the Jenkins family, being the year we were introduced to Tom, a move from London back to Oxford for Charlotte, an engagement announcement and the planning of a wedding.

The crown on the top of the year was that on Saturday 3rd January 2004, at Ewelme Parish Church, the marriage took place between Charlotte Jenkins and Tom Croft.

It will be no surprise that besides our own, many additional photographs of the event were taken by various people, and we recognize the contributions made by Tim Wilson, Kate, Paul Peros, Matt Kent, and Charlotte and Tom. With the many advantages provided by digital cameras, a wide selection of these have been published in the attached pages. By clicking on any of the small pictures, a larger version will then be displayed. Use the "BACK"  button on the browser toolbar to return to the selection page. If you have visited this section before, its a good idea to press F5 to ensure the page is the latest up-to-date version. Each picture has been reduced in resolution to ensure that loading times are kept to a minimum and that the web site capacity is not exceeded. In some cases, pictures have been "touched up" to get rid of 'red eye' or to focus in on a particular scene.

Happy memories!

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